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Let’s goooooo!

Ayup, I’m Tom!

I’m the dude behind Hitched Productions. I do all the filming, all the creating and editing of the films & videos, all the enquiries, bookings, social media. I even make all the teas…for myself!

I could try to explain my approach to capturing a wedding but sometimes it’s easier to just go and view some films. But I will try a little bit…

I want to have fun with you, I want to enjoy the emotion, the love, the good times, the party!

I’m there to capture those key moments throughout the day, your ceremony, the speeches and your first dance and then lots & lots of wild stuff in between!

Whilst I do take a film-like approach to certain points of the day and aim to blend in, there’s other times where I’ll have a good giggle with you & even jump on the dancefloor at the end of the night.

I capture the day in 4K quality across 2 to 3 cameras with proper audio recording gear so it doesn’t sound like you’re stuck down a well. I’ve also got one of those buzzing things that go up in the air and capture what birds can see…ah yes, a drone!

I dress smart (that waistcoat has seen a lot of weddings!), I’ll borrow someone’s fascinator, I’ll have a shot of tequila with the bridesmaids in the morning if they persuade me, I’ll gobble a few canapes, I’ll bust out the running man on the dancefloor (if the feeling is right!) & of course…I’ll be capturing your amazing wedding day!

But still, seriously, jump on the video page, head onto Instagram, watch some teasers, watch some films, get a feel for my style and contact me if you want me there.


Get to know me a wee bit more.

I live in Dronfield with my wife, two young children and dog

I love summer and hot weather.

I’m a big petrolhead and love my cars (classic minis!)

I love my bikes. I try to ride my mountain bike as much as I can, although in summer it gets a little tough with how busy it is!

I play the drums and guitar. Maybe not as much as I’d like but I’m still a musician!

Enjoy a good party, socialising, a drink here and there!